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About Us

ATEL Teknoloji ve Savunma Sanayi A.Ş. was established in 1997 in Ankara, and is currently focused on design, manufacturing and marketing of communication systems, electronic component supply and distribution, early warning and emergency situation solutions, M2M systems and defense industry products.

Fields of Activity

Communication Systems; Radio Project Management and System Setup.

Electronic Component Procurement and Distribution; Procurement and distribution of electronic components, provision and SMD assembly of electronic printed circuit boards.

Mobile Tracking Systems; RFID and GPS based person, vehicle, merchandise, pet tracking and applications.

Early Warning and Emergency Situation Solutions; Early-warning alarm, siren and emergency notification systems (stationary and mobile) design and implementation. Application areas cover from single industrial equipment to wide area critical facilities, such as; seaports, airports, factories, power stations, dams, borders, campuses and similar large scale facility and buildings.

Defense Industry; Development and production of high technology Electronic Countermeasure defense products. Manufacture and provision of electronic system and sub-systems to defence industry.

Research and Development: In the fields of Electronic Warfare Systems, RF Jamming Systems, Location Based Tracking Systems, Telemetry and Control Systems. Design and development of systems and subsystems for Defense Industy Companies. Conducting R&D projects to promote and create innovations and use them in our focus areas.

The company serves prominently to Turkish Armed Forces and other state and private institutions with its specialized workforce who are recognized leaders in their respective field of expertise, with an extensive knowledge base achieved through years in real-world experience.

The R&D projects of the company on radio frequency jamming systems which began in 2000’s, brought its results as reliable RF Jammer products against radio controlled roadside bombs in 2007. ATEL proudly presents its products and capabilities on these systems to the world defense industry community.

ATEL aims to add value and seeks perfection on each and every project. It keeps the pace with the technology, not only on the R&D projects, but also on the production of contracted projects. Its primary objective is to offer right, effective and world class solutions to its global customers.

With its head office in Ankara, ATEL is proud of serving as a global company to its business partners throughout the world.


Endel Electronic Supply and Sales Company Founded


ATEL Telecommunication Established


Defense Industry R & D Works Initiated


• R & D Center Established at Bilkent Cyberpark in Ankara

• The first Jammer Sales Project Begins

• Production Permits and Facility Security Certificate Received


The first Jammer Sold for SSM


Became a member of SASAD
Atel Communication & Endel Electronic Merged


Production and Administrative Facilities Moved to the General Directorate Service Building of 2500 m2.


M2M (Mobile Tracking Systems) Directorate of Strategic Cooperation Established


• The Production of First Special Edition for the Air Force Started

• First Overseas Jammer Project Delivered

• Became a Solution Partner to Mobile Tracking System Brand A-Smart Vodafone

• Trade name changed to ATEL Technology and Defense Industry Inc.


TUBITAK supported OTEKA Project Concluded


ASELSAN, HAVELSAN, ROKETSAN, FNSS and TUBITAK Subcontracting Certificates Received


ATEL R&D Center Cetificate


Inauguration ATEL R&D Center

We Save Lives